Ray la Soul

Hi all, my story is about my love for playing music. I consciously say music because it goes beyond one particular style.

When I DJ I like to play sets ranging from house to techno and occasionally drum n bass and hip hop. Over the years I always played other peoples music and I was just fine with that. Some time ago however I started imagining what it would be like to play a set in which I could include my own creations. Producing music wasn’t something that kept me occupied but every now and then I created something. I was never satisfied, so most of the times I threw it away. Mixing my own work in a DJ set is what inspired me to pick up creating again. Only this time I wanted to get at it a little more serious.

The past few years I have learned a lot and every day I keep on learning exciting things in this never ending process. I hope you like my creations so far and that you will join me on my musical journey.



KlangProd is Sander Evers: musician, drummer (known for bands like Monomyth, 35007 & Gomer Pyle), producer and DJ operating from The Hague, The Netherlands.

KlangProd has a taste for deep and dark techno, minimal, techhouse, ambient, soundscapes and other psychedelia. In the studio KlangProd works with both hardware and software; anything to achieve a perfect sound.

First support comes from Dog And Man records.



Erik Griffioen a.k.a. Tramtunnel is a techno producer from The Netherlands. He started making music in the 00s in the genres drum and bass and electro, working under different pseudonyms.

He got addicted to techno a few years ago. He is a big synth fanatic and uses mostly his hardware for his music. He isn’t scared to leave some of the hiss and other imperfections in his tracks that comes from using all sorts of synthesizer. He says sound need to live a little, been places, get some character. Perfection is boring. His style of techno varies, all the way from dub techno to hard techno and from minimal to deep tech.

The following labels released Tramtunnels techno music : Dog and Man, Smashead Records, Milano Connection, Absurd State, Lodjiya Records and ANCL Lincor.