KlangProd & Tramtunnel
Klangtunnel II: Fire and Ice

Klangtunnel II Fire and Ice

Catalog: NTR005
Release date: April 23 2021

With Klangtunnel II: Fire and Ice, Tramtunnel and KlangProd consolidate their collaboration, while taking the chosen path even further. In six deep and experimental tracks, there is a lot to be heard. Influences like ambient, techno, electro and even disco are all blending together in a glimmering mixture. While taking inspiration from a fantasy angle, any true psychonaut could feed his mind with these psychedelic sounds.


Ray La Soul & KlangProd

Ray La Soul & KlangProd - Exchange NTR002

Catalog: NTR002
Release date: June 29 2020

Exchange is the second release on Nethertechno Records and the first collaboration between Ray La Soul & KlangProd. These tracks mark their search to a more minimalistic approach, while keeping an eye on the dance floor, as well with driving and hypnotic grooves and deep soundscapes to top it off.

KlangProd & Tramtunnel
Klangtunnel I

KlangProd & Tramtunnel - Klangtunnel i

Catalog: NTR001
Release date: June 15 2020

The first in a series of collaboration EPs, created by techno producers KlangProd and Tramtunnel. With these tracks they are searching for the borders of techno, creating hypnotic open landscapes of sounds, with underlying driving beats.